Matthew and Susie's 2017 Flying Cloud - Dixie

I think it's wonderful to be featuring Matthew and Susie's Airstream, Dixie; it seems only fitting because I knew the name "Susie Campbell" before I even owned an Airstream.  My mom (also an Airstream owner) was in love with Dixie's chandeliers.  It's so much fun seeing what these two have done to personalize their home away from home. And, the story of their journey to Airstream ownership is a special one. Here's Susie to tell you all about it........

We began camping about 20 years ago. We owned three travel trailers over the years ranging from 18 to 30 feet and we were permanently set up on a lake about 30 miles away from home. We loved it, but soon found it difficult keeping up two homes, so we sold in 2015. 

A couple years later we decided to begin travel camping that led us to buying a small Winnebago and then we ultimately ended up with our dream travel trailer...Dixie the Airstream. Who can resist those windows, right? We were always mesmerized by Airstream's beauty and the nostalgia associated with them. But the final straw in the decision was remembering my dad's plan to retire, buy an Airstream, and travel with my mom. That sounds adventurous, but he died at a young 51 leaving that dream unfulfilled. It was now our legacy. 

For us, naming our Airstream was a big deal. After much thought, we decided on Dixie. That was the name of my mom and dad's first mobile home after they married. They loaded it up and moved from Virginia to Maryland. It was a whopping 10' x 50'...a tiny palace for a family of 5. We sure were a happy family. My dad's dream was now our reality when we purchased Dixie! He would have loved being on this journey with us. 

Our Dixie is a 2017 25' Flying Cloud FB. While she already had a nostalgic simplicity to her, we wanted to make a few changes to give her an Art Deco elegance. A girl's gotta have a little glam!

Dixie welcomes you with the beautifully crafted nameplate that Matthew created.

Dixie welcomes you with the beautifully crafted nameplate that Matthew created.

Our biggest addition was two small chandeliers. We added one over the sink in the kitchen and one over the dinette. The original lighting is still in place, but we made a chandelier shroud to cover it. My husband made the metal framing, bent it, and drilled the holes. Then I added the bling!

Dixie's Kitchen Before Glam!

Dixie's Kitchen Before Glam!

Dixie Chandelier Kitchen.jpg
Dixie Kitchen.jpg
Dixie Chandelier Outside.jpg

The next eye catcher was the addition of wallpaper. We chose Airstream's Wild Honey interior (not my favorite, but very practical for us). With the cabinets almost matching the upholstery, it was too monotone for me! The wallpaper broke it up nicely, and added a touch of sophistication.

Dixie Hall.jpg

Another inexpensive, classy touch was adding the little round mirrors. They are in the main living area, bathroom and bedroom. I wanted to tie it all together with little round reflections. After all, Airstreams are known for their round reflective bodies. The mirrors were $5/pack at Walmart. We spent about $30. 

Dixie Was In Need of a Little Personality - This is Her Dinette "Before"

Dixie Was In Need of a Little Personality - This is Her Dinette "Before"

Dixie Dinette.jpg
Dixie Door Interior.jpg
Dixie Bathroom.jpg

If you look closely in the photo above you can see that we covered the electric and gas hot water switches in the bathroom. They were so close to the light switch that they could mistakenly be turned on or off. We bought a thermostat cover, and it solved the problem.

We recently purchased "Beddy's" for our beds and we love them. They are one-piece high quality bedding sets that zip up so you don't have to fumble around walls or stationary furniture such as the nightstand. They are neat, fit well and are very easy to make.

Dixie Beds.jpg

Matthew and I still work full time (stressful) jobs. Dixie is how we unwind and put the wind back in our sails on the weekends. Our favorite thing to do is.........well, nothing. We love sitting by a fire, relaxing and watching the Alabama Crimson Tide play football on TV.  Being able to travel with our two fur babies is one of the main reasons we decided to start traveling in a camper. One is 2 and the other, who is deaf and blind, is 17. So now they get to go too, which you can see from the photos, they find just as relaxing as we do!

Dixie lives in our driveway and we visit her often. When I walk inside, I immediately feel myself relaxing.  And that's when I know that buying this beauty was a great decision. When we get away we have our favorite place which is a few hours from home, but it already requires reservations a year in advance, so it's name will remain a secret (Ha! Ha!) - I can't handle it becoming a two year waiting period. Dixie won "best in show" during their Halloween contest this year. Fun times!

Dixie Halloween.jpg

Matthew and Susie, thank you for sharing Dixie with the rest of us; it's easy to see why you find her the perfect get-away!