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Each of us has our own ideas about what makes the perfect Airstream interior; some are purists and want to preserve their trailer in its original condition.  Some execute grand plans - gutting and remodeling in a way that is more functional and appealing to them. And some, like us, fall somewhere in between. We personalized our Airstream with things like paint, flooring and decor.  On this site, we want to appreciate all of it. Whether your Airstream is from 1958 or 2018; we'd love to see interior pictures of your beauty with its "best foot (or wheel) forward."  

So, you are proud of your work and want to share what you've accomplished with the Airstream community?  This is a great place to do just that. Here's what I'll need sent to

1) Before and After Photos. When possible, please submit pictures of the same focal point at the same angle. (For example, send a "before" picture of the kitchen taken from the dinette and an "after" picture of the the same.)  Readers will love seeing the transformation!

2) Quality Pictures. There are so many great ways to take a good picture these days - even most newer model phones take nice pictures. But, it will require some work from you.  Learn a little bit about your camera because you will need pictures that are clear and well lit.  Utilize both ambient and natural light (particularly morning or evening) and avoid your on-camera flash. To avoid harsh shadows and dark corners, you may need to play with curtains, blinds, low wattage lamps and overhead lights to get it just right. Take pictures from different angles and distances to see what provides the best representation of what you are shooting.  Taking a variety of pictures under different conditions will allow you to see what looks best. But, in the end, this is a fun site for campers and travelers, not photographers, so do your best and don't be too hard on yourself.

3) Staging.  We all know the bed may not always get made and the kitchen counter may get a little cluttered. But, this is the time to fix all that.

  • Clean and De-clutter your trailer 
  • Make Your Bed - fluff your pillows - shake out your rugs
  • Remove unappealing appliances from kitchens, baths and bedsides (People don't want to see your crockpot or CPAP Machine)
  • Remove trash and trashcans from the photos
  • Look outside your windows - are you looking right at the neighbors' trailer or the campground bathroom? If so, you may want to wait for a prettier location to take your pictures or see if you can get a nice effect with the curtains and blinds closed.

E-Mail Your Pictures and Information to  Please e-mail me several before and after pictures along with some basic information.

  • Your First Name
  • Your Trailer's Name (if It has one)
  • Airstream Year, Model and Length
  • Briefly tell us your story - such as....
    • How long have you owned your Airstream?
    • Why Airstream?
    • How do you use your trailer? Full-time? Weekends? Boondocking? Glamping? Business?
    • What projects have you completed?
    • Share any useful tips that may be helpful to others, including products you used and where you purchased them.
    • Keep it simple. Readers have short attention spans.  

I look forward to hearing from you! Please visit the "Contact Us" page if you have any questions.