Replacing Our Accordion Screen with a Curtain

While practical, we decided we wanted to take out the accordion screens and replace them with curtains. It took us a couple of tries, but we finally got it right and thought we'd share how we did it - hopefully our trial and error will save you some time and money.

The first thing we needed to do was remove the existing screen. We found three screws which connected the accordion screen to the wall; using a Phillips head bit and drill, we removed those screws. There are multiple screws in the ceiling track. We removed all of those except for the final one; we could easily slide the screen off the track at that point. It can definitely be done with one person but we found it easier with two.

At first we bought some gliders from Ikea; they slid into the track just fine, but they were a little too tall and kept getting caught up on the ceiling screws. It would have been amazing if they had worked since they were $2.50 for a pack of 24!  But, we didn't see anyway to make them right. So, thank goodness for Amazon Prime because we were able to order JP Products 81085 Large Type-A Sliding Eye Curtain Carriers; they come 14 to a pack . We figured we needed 10 - 12 per track so we ordered two packs for a total of about $14.  We also needed at least an equal number of curtain clips with hooks.  I happened to have some that I'd purchased at Ikea, but there are plenty of on-line options. I plan on keeping a few extras around in case any ever break or bend. For direct links on Amazon see below.

While the track was unscrewed, we slid the the curtain carriers back on the track and reattached the ceiling screws.  Once secure, we attached the curtain clips and hung the curtains. The curtains we purchased are 42 inches wide and we found that spacing the clips approximately 4 inches apart created the look we wanted. We tried curtains that were wider, but they were a little too bulky to slide back into their original space. The curtains were too long and required hemming. Thanks to a suggestion from someone on Airstream Addicts , I sewed some heavy washers from the hardware store into the hem to give them a little extra weight. We love how they look; they still offer plenty of privacy and have not impacted the light or sound we experience.

For the Love of Airstreams - 

Amazon Links - Curtain Clips and Sliding Eye Carriers