Customizing a Cutting Board to Fit Over the Stove

I recently saw a Facebook post where someone had purchased an Ikea cutting board that fit over their stovetop.  I had just been thinking that the kitchen needed something to warm it up a bit. The cutting board was going to be perfect. It was a win/win - looks great and provides more working space.

The Lamplig cutting board is 18 inches by 20 3/4 inches, is made of bamboo and has a lip on one end.  It was about $17 when I bought it.  When I set it on the stovetop cover, I couldn't decide exactly how it fit best. The Utility Man suggested we drill two holes to fit over the posts on the existing stovetop cover. Then it would fit perfectly and would not need to be stowed for travel.

We put a tiny dab of paint on the tips of the posts coming off the existing stovetop cover; we then carefully set the cutting board on top to mark where we needed to drill the holes.  We were able to wipe the paint off the posts before it dried.  The Utility Man drilled the holes at the paint marks and we slid it right on top of the stove. It looks beautiful and makes our Airstream kitchen significantly more functional.